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    Youth Voices

    Another Obstacle?

    Monica Wang
    7th grade, Kent Denver School, Englewood, Colorado

    How many times have I stated firmly in my head that Kent Denver would be the only school I would ever go to? Far too many. Over obstacles I’ve overcome, my resolve to stay in Kent only strengthened. However, Kent is a private school. The expense is high. Now, Barack Obama has been elected president. I think to myself now, with more than a hint of fear, “Won’t this affect my school?” Days swept by me, but still, the worry remained in my mind. Mom tried to get through my thoughts, asking me what was wrong, but she gained nothing. I knew she wouldn’t understand my conflict of emotions. Inside though, her voice was only a fine needle buried in a thousand others. My jumbled head couldn’t bear it anymore, so I buried myself with homework and studying. More time passed this way, but this method didn’t work either. I had to solve this endless and mindless worrying. I knew that President Obama only wanted to support the public schools, so I had to do some research on what he wanted to do for private schools. Since nothing caught my eye, I felt quite victorious as well as jubilant. I was just about to shift websites when a threeletter word caught my attention: TAX. I thought once again, my mind doing the calculations as fast as it could. I knew then that Obama would start taxing more heavily people that could afford to go to private schools. My mom and dad were already trying extremely hard to keep up with the expenses of my school, and I couldn’t do much to help them. I knew then, that the possibility of leaving Kent and going to another school was much greater than I thought it could be.
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