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    Youth Voices

    Chasing the Dream

    Ismael C. E.
    12th Grade, Roosevelt High School, Los Angeles, California

    As Barack Obama takes the presidency, he brings a lot of hope into my goals in my education. He made me keep on achieving in school. It is because of Obama that I have hope of becoming a crime detective. You see, I always had the thought of why should I come to school and do well, if after I finish my high school and college I am not going to get the job that I desire to get. You see, I have a big problem. I am an undocumented student, and it is because of this that it takes many of my benefits away. I do not get the same opportunities as a U.S. citizen. We are judged differently. Moreover, it is because of this that it brings my dreams to not being able to come true. It makes me think, why even try?

    Ever since I was young, I would always have in mind, why should I even try if I am not going to be able to accomplish anything. I am not going to be able to get the job in my career that I studied for. It would be like a waste of my time just attending school and not getting anything out of it. I would always think negatively to myself.

    However, after hearing Obama and Joe Biden’s speeches on a new beginning and a better way of living it brought my hopes up. After hearing them say that students will have better and more opportunities for getting into college, and that illegal immigrants will have better chances as well, it made me want to go to school and get my education. To get my knowledge ready and go after what I want. Having Obama as president makes my dreams come true. He makes me believe that I have a bright future ahead of me and I will not fail. He makes me believe that I will be successful and be able to reach my dreams.

    Having Obama as president makes me want to go back to school on a new day and get my education to succeed in life. It gives me the chance to plan for my career that I desire. In addition, it gives me a great chance of getting legal citizenship. I feel that Obama is going to help the undocumented achievers, and if that was to happen, it would make my problems go away. I will have nothing stopping me from becoming what I want to be as I get older. Now it will be all up to me, but first I need that help of being legalized, of becoming a U.S. citizen, and I hope that he really meant it when he said he will help the undocumented. I am personally in need of citizenship. As Barack Obama steps to take charge of the United States of America, he brings lots of hope into my education, and my future. He opened many doors for many people. He made many people believe that this country will be different, no more wrong decisions, no more wrong results. Now all that I hope for is that Barack Obama is not a liar like the past president, that he is a man of his word and won’t let his people down. Barack Obama will bring change to the United States of America, which makes me feel confident. If it wasn’t for Obama winning the election, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing.
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