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    Youth Voices

    Education Brought to a New Level

    Isabelle Pickering
    5th grade, Albert Einstein Academy Charter, San Diego, California

    President Barack Obama shall change and improve my education in so many millions of ways. Why? You are going to find out in this essay. You will find out the reasons President Obama will make a difference in my schoolwork, which will change our world over a period of time. Wait and watch our new generation change the world because of our new president.

    For starters, Barack Obama has two daughters, Malia and Sasha, who have to go to school just like all of us do. Obama probably has to go to school meetings and such. I bet he wants the very best for his daughters and all the children of the nation. We have to do the same things they do in school. We all want beneficial learning, and I think Obama wants the children of the world to get the same education as his own kids. Since he knows what his own children go through, he can understand some of the things other kids go through at their own schools around the whole nation and help with their difficulties and problems. Why would he put us through struggle in school and just give fun times to his daughters?

    Second of all, he will have people pay taxes to give to schools for things like computers, sports gear, playground equipment, books, games, creative seating, gardens, and so much more to make schools more enjoyable! Things that make kids jump out of their beds and rush to get ready for school. He can also spend money on good, educational, and beneficial learning classes like art, science, and technology. He can spend the money on good teachers, ones that are not always telling you one way to do things—the right way and only the right way. Obama will bring my education to a new level.

    Finally, my most important point, I am in the new generation. This generation will rule our future. We need the right education to know how to be the leaders of tomorrow. To survive. Obama will give us the education to learn how to stop global warming. It will most affect us in about twenty to thirty years, but then the adults of today won’t be able to do anything. Only we will know (this generation). Without a good education, we won’t know how to keep this world surviving in peace and harmony. We need a good education for the new generation, for a survivable nation.
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