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    Obama Presidency: An Education Solution?

    Dayzia Terry
    6th grade, KIPP DC: Key Academy, Washington, DC

    Now that Barack Obama is president, I have one question: What does that mean for my education?

    Ed-u? Ed-me?

    Well if you really want an answer: The Obama presidency will mean me getting to attend law school and reaching my fullest potential.

    Many people really want to attend college; however, they cannot afford it. No one in my family has actually had the full college experience—with the exception of the woman who had me and then eventually received her degree. The Obama-Biden administration will help me get to college and be able to afford it. President Obama’s presidency will also mean better-educated teachers for schools that really need them. This will be good for my classmates and me because then we will have the opportunity to learn more. The administration will make a positive impact in my life.

    From doing research, I know that Obama and Biden are going to find ways to fix the dropout crisis. Dropping out is a generational curse in my family, but I will not be foiled. With their help I know that my non-dropout strategy will work. Therefore, I know that me dropping out will not be an option.

    Something else the Obama presidency means is better, safe, and affordable afterschool programs. This would be a benefit for kids like me who live in a “bad” neighborhood. Living in a “bad” neighborhood is a dilemma for me. Even though we just got the drug dealers off our street, you can still feel the tension in the people who walk past you, with intimidated faces. My mom already has enough problems. Why make her worry about my afterschool activities?

    The thing that I think is outstanding is that the Obama administration is going to help get higher-performing kids into AP and college-like classes. This applies to me because getting college credits early will really help me when I get to college.

    As you can see, the Obama presidency will help my education in many ways. It will also help many other African Americans like me rise above our everyday challenges and reach our full potential. Like they always say, “It’s not where you are from but where you’re going.”

    So, I have only one question for you: Where will the Obama presidency take you in life?
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