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    Misrepresentations in Unfair Treatment by Santelices and Wilson

    Neil J. Dorans
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    Neil J. Dorans is at the Center for Statistical and Psychometric Theory and Practice in the Research and Development division at Educational Testing Service. He received his PhD in quantitative psychology from the University of Illinois in 1978 and a BS in social systems analysis from Stevens Institute of Technology. He has focused on fairness work at the item and score levels. Dorans has been involved with SAT equating for over a quarter-century and was the architect for the recentered SAT scales. He has also performed linking studies relating the SAT I to the ACT and the PAA. Dorans coedited a book on score linking and scale aligning and coauthored a book on computer adaptive testing. He has written book chapters on differential item functioning, context effects, item response theory, and score linking. He was awarded the ETS Measurement Statistician Award for, among other things, his work on recentering the SAT and the role he played in mentoring staff on score linking and fairness issues. He received the National Council on Measurement in Education’s Career Contributions Award in recognition of his substantial and creative theoretical and technical developments and his innovative ideas that have significantly affected measurement practices.
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