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    Embedded, Emboldened, and (Net)Working for Change

    Support-Seeking and Teacher Agency in Urban, High-Needs Schools

    Lauren Anderson
    In this article, Lauren Anderson takes an inductive approach to the study of teacher agency, specifically considering who supports teachers, and how, in their efforts to advance equity in urban, high-needs schools. Drawing from a larger research project, Anderson focuses on a multiyear case study of one early-career teacher and incorporates social network and ethnographic methods to investigate relationships among the teacher’s support network, her participation in school change efforts, and her career decisionmaking. In doing so, Anderson addresses the potential for network diversity, particularly the presence of supportive school-based and beyond-school ties, to serve as resources for school change, teacher retention, and the construction of school-community social capital.

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    Lauren Anderson is an assistant professor at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education. Her research interests include the preparation of teachers for urban, high-needs schools, teacher learning and leadership, and the application of social net-work and qualitative methods to the study of educators’ work and careers. Her current research projects focus on the socialization and sense-making of new principals in urban schools and explore the relationship between preservice teacher preparation, particularly field-based experiences, and in-service teacher practice. Prior to her recent faculty ap-pointment, Anderson served as a postdoctoral fellow at the Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy.
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    Embedded, Emboldened, and (Net)Working for Change
    Support-Seeking and Teacher Agency in Urban, High-Needs Schools
    Lauren Anderson

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