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    Rebooting the EdD

    Jon F. Wergin
    In this essay, Jon Wergin reminds readers of the philosophical and historical foundations of the doctor of education (EdD) degree. He argues that the EdD should be based, in large part, on John Dewey’s progressive ideals of democratization and Paulo Freire’s concepts of emancipatory education. Drawing on theories of reflective practice, participatory action research, and signature pedagogies, Wergin proposes five principles through which schools of education can “reboot” their EdD degrees, creating programs that represent continued scholarship into practice and a commitment to social action. He then illustrates one potential application of these principles.

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    Jon F. Wergin is professor of educational studies in Antioch University’s PhD program in leadership and change. He is the author or coauthor of eighteen books and monographs, including Educating Professionals (1993, with L. Curry), which won the Best Scholarly Publication award from Division I of the American Educational Research Association; and Departments That Work: Creating and Sustaining Cultures of Excellence in Academic Departments (2003). He has published numerous book chapters and journal articles on such topics as professional education, assessment, and the restructuring of faculty work, including two articles in Change (2005) magazine on accreditation and student learning. His most recent book is Leadership in Place (2007), about how faculty members and other academic professionals can have a greater impact on their own institutions. Wergin is past divisional vice president of the American Educational Research Association (Division I) and has served as chief evaluator of two national centers for research in higher education. He currently serves as staff auditor and panel chair for the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). He has consulted with scores of national associations, accrediting bodies, and colleges and universities on issues related to evaluation and change in higher education.
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