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    Editor’s Review of The Best of the Best and Creating a Class

    Sherry L. Deckman
    The Best of the Best: Becoming Elite at an American Boarding School
    by Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández
    Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2009. 312 pp. $29.95.

    Creating a Class: College Admissions and the Education of Elites
    by Mitchell L. Stevens
    Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2009. 320 pp. $16.95 (paperback).

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    Spring 2011 Issue


    Becoming Something Different
    Learning from Esmé
    Colleen M. Fairbanks, Penny Mason Crooks, Mary Ariail
    “It’s Going to Stop in This Generation”
    Women with a History of Child Abuse Resolving to Raise Their Children Without Abuse
    Sioux Hall
    What Does Injustice Have to Do with Me?
    A Pedagogy of the Privileged
    David Nurenberg
    Beyond Delinquent Citizenships
    Immigrant Youth’s (Re)Visions of Citizenship and Belonging in a Globalized World
    Anne Ríos-Rojas
    "Doing Right By"
    Teacher Aides, Students with Disabilities, and Relational Social Justice
    Gill Rutherford
    Rebooting the EdD
    Jon F. Wergin

    Book Notes

    To Teach
    William Ayers and Ryan Alexander-Tanner

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