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    “It’s Going to Stop in This Generation”

    Women with a History of Child Abuse Resolving to Raise Their Children Without Abuse

    Sioux Hall
    In this article, Sioux Hall promotes using a strengths-based approach to examine the interruption of the intergenerational cycle of child abuse and explores the strategies that women who were abused by a parent as children used to raise their children without abuse. She documents the mothers’ uses of strategies such as vowing to protect and support their children, reconciling their abuse histories, and developing flexible, eclectic parenting methods. She discusses therapeutic and programmatic implications suggested by this research in the hope that this approach will create a shift in thinking among child protection professionals and educators toward a strengths-based perspective. Hall challenges readers to listen to the voices and consider the experiences of the ex-abused in order to reexamine the research, theory, and practice of prevention and treatment of child abuse.

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    Sioux Hall works with Boston Public School students as a school-based clinician with Home for Little Wanderers. She also serves as the youth development coordinator at Schools for the Future, a competency-based, trauma-sensitive model school for at-risk students, where she designs social/emotional curriculum. Hall has worked as a developmental educator, counselor, teacher, adolescent parenting childcare worker, and Aikido self-defense instructor. In her work, she emphasizes helping families understand their children and helping children understand themselves and their world. She is committed to encouraging people of all ages to advocate for themselves and continues to explore strength-based alternative prevention and intervention methods of empowering the ex-abused.
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