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    The Work Children Do

    Unpacking Gendered Conflict in an Elementary Classroom

    Hana Kawai and Emily Taylor
    In this essay, Hana Kawai and Emily Taylor provide a case study of one teacher’s classroom that examines issues of student conflict, gender dynamics, and the importance of reflective discussion to address oppressive social structures. Through reflections and observations that focus on the intersection of gender and race, they urge teachers to recognize, understand, and respond to everyday classroom conflict through a critical lens. Kawai and Taylor conclude with an “imagined conversation” that discusses the larger societal influences that affect individual choices.

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    Hana Kawai graduated in May 2011 from Brown University, where she double-majored in education policy and ethnic studies. She is currently co-coordinating and facilitating the All Girl Everything Ultimate Program, a girls' sports and leadership program in Seattle, as well as working full-time in the software field. She hopes to return to school either to pursue a master’s in teaching or to further her study of education policy. She plans to work with and alongside young people for justice in schools and beyond.

    Emily R. Taylor is a third-grade classroom teacher at Excellence Girls Charter School in Brooklyn, New York. She recently completed a year of teacher preparation at Stanford University, where she specialized in bilingual education. Her passion for the study of race, gender, and equity in elementary education began at Brown University, where she majored in ethnic studies. In 2010, Taylor received the Woodrow Wilson–Rockefeller Brothers Fellowship for Aspiring Teachers of Color.
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