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    Institutional Racist Melancholia

    A Structural Understanding of Grief and Power in Schooling

    Sabina Vaught
    In this article, Sabina Vaught undertakes the theoretical and analytical project of conceptually integrating Whiteness as property, a key structural framework of Critical Race Theory (CRT), and melancholia, a framework originally emerging from psychoanalysis. Specifically, Vaught engages Whiteness as property as an analytic tool to examine data from a larger ethnographic study of juvenile prison and schooling. She suggests that the psychoanalytic framework of melancholia enriches and complicates this analysis and proposes a theoretical move toward understanding structural affective processes in the scholarly effort to map schooling, race, and power. Throughout, Vaught illustrates the significance and utility of such an approach through multifaceted data-driven analyses.

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    Sabina E. Vaught is an assistant professor of urban education at Tufts University, where she teaches courses on critical race theory, pedagogy, and the sociology of schooling in the Department of Education and the American Studies Program. Her scholarship examines the institutional contexts and dynamics of race, schooling, and power. Specifically, she has conducted institutional ethnographic studies in a large urban school district and in a state division of juvenile affairs and its prison schools. She is the author of Racism, Public Schooling and the Entrenchment of White Supremacy: A Critical Race Ethnography (SUNY Press, 2011).
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