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    “Coming into Presence” as Mentally Ill in Academia

    A New Logic of Emancipation

    Rochelle Skogen
    In this article Rochelle Skogen takes up the subject of university professors diagnosed with severe mental illness and asks why so little is known about these individuals. As an assistant professor who suffers from bipolar disorder, Skogen discusses the impact of stigma on a professor’s decision to either disclose or conceal her illness. While it appears that most mentally ill academics choose to hide their diagnoses—perhaps believing that concealment will keep them free of stigma—Skogen argues that such thinking is but an illusion of freedom, because it is based on an emancipation that depends on the “goodwill” of would-be emancipators. Skogen depicts her own journey of “coming into presence” as a process of subjectification rooted in Jacques Rancière’s theory of a new logic of emancipation, as interpreted by Bingham and Biesta.

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    Rochelle Skogen is an assistant professor of education at Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta, where she researches issues of diversity, equality, and Otherness. Her work, which has focused on issues of identity, literacy, and community, has appeared in journals such as Interchange, Phenomenology and Practice, English Quarterly, and the Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning. Skogen is also copresident of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies and the Francophone book review editor for the Canadian Journal of Education, the official journal of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education.
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    “Coming into Presence” as Mentally Ill in Academia
    A New Logic of Emancipation
    Rochelle Skogen

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