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    Universal Design for Learning and the Arts

    Don Glass, Anne Meyer, and David H. Rose
    UDL in the ArtsIn this article, Don Glass, Anne Meyer, and David H. Rose examine the intersection of arts education and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to inform the design of better art, curricula, and UDL checkpoints. They build a case for the contribution of the arts to expert learning across the affective, recognition, and strategic neural networks and argue for making affective and reflective learning outcomes more explicit in the arts. Throughout this piece, the authors call for a vision of the arts playing an increasing role in providing engaging learning options in an integrated general curriculum.

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    CAST and the Harvard Educational Review welcome you to check out a digitally re-mixed version of "Universal Design for Learning and the Arts" in CAST's UDL Studio learning design environment. This digital version provides multiple, flexible supports for accessibility, vocabulary, comprehension, information processing, and interaction. The purpose of this re-mix is to model aspects of the arts and UDL, as well as expand the interactive options for displaying, extending, digitally supporting, and interacting with academic content. You can find it online here: http://udlstudio.cast.org/titlepage/display/READABLE/bookId/166869

    Don Glass is an independent education and evaluation consultant whose work focuses on arts curriculum design and evaluation. He was a recent Universal Design for Learning Leadership Postdoctoral Fellow at Boston College, in collaboration with CAST. He has published case studies of inclusive arts integrated curriculum as a coauthor in Universal Design for Learning and Technology in the Classroom (Guilford Press, 2012) and as an editor and contributor in Contours of Inclusion: Inclusive Arts Teaching and Learning (VSA, 2010). Prior to his fellowship, he worked for VSA at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University.

    Anne Meyer is cofounder (with David H. Rose) of CAST, a nonprofit education research and development organization, and serves as its chief of education design. Building on a career-long interest in the intersection of curriculum design and educational psychology, particularly affect and motivation in learning, she is a primary author of the principles of Universal Design for Learning and has led the development of CAST’s award-winning multimedia technology based on UDL. She is the author or editor of six books and has received a Gold Medal from the National Association of Social Sciences and, with her colleagues at CAST, the Computerworld/Smithsonian Innovation Award.

    David H. Rose is cofounder (with Anne Meyer) of CAST and serves as its chief education officer. He is a primary author of the principles of the educational reform framework called Universal Design for Learning, which now influences educational policy and practice throughout the United States and beyond. For more than thirty years, he has taught at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and served as principal investigator on a number of federal- and foundation-funded projects. He is the author or editor of six books, including Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning (Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, 2002), and is the winner of numerous awards, among them George Lucas’s Edutopia magazine’s “Daring Dozen” of education innovators.
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    Foreword: Exploding Parameters and an Expanded Embrace
    A Proposal for the Arts in Education in the Twenty-First Century
    Editors’ Introduction
    Expanding Our Vision for the Arts in Education
    Edward P. Clapp and Laura A. Edwards
    Expanding Our “Frames” of Mind for Education and the Arts
    Expanding Our Vision of Museum Education and Perception
    An Analysis of Three Case Studies of Independent Blind Arts Learners
    Universal Design for Learning and the Arts
    Don Glass, Anne Meyer, and David H. Rose
    Comics Arts-Based Educational Research
    Why the Arts Don’t Do Anything
    Toward a New Vision for Cultural Production in Education
    Afterword: The Turning of the Leaves
    Expanding Our Vision for the Arts in Education

    Book Notes

    The Learner-Directed Classroom
    Diane B. Jaquith and Nan E. Hathaway (Editors)

    Critical Aesthetic Pedagogy
    Yolanda Medina

    Hip Hop Genius
    Sam Seidel

    Design and Thinking
    Mu-Ming Tsai (Director)

    Changing Lives
    Tricia Tunstall

    Art Education Beyond the Classroom
    Alice Wexler (Editor)

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