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    On Getting Stuck

    Negotiating Stuck Places in and Beyond Gender and Sexual Diversity-Focused Educational Research

    Sara Staley
    In this article, Sara Staley presents a conceptualization of “stuck” places in the field of gender and sexual diversity educational research. She argues that in the process of pursuing complex questions about preparing educators to disrupt the cis-heteronormative context of schools, the field has created a master narrative in which the same dilemmas seem to arise. She draws on patterns of repetition in the literature to point to three tools that specify how the field has tried to manage and control the problem of cis-heteronormativity and the role of teachers therein. Critically reflecting on her own experience, she considers how embracing the impossible aspects of questions about teaching and the study of oppression might open up generative possibilities for moving through the stuck places in which educational researchers find themselves. 

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    Sara Staley is a faculty research associate at the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education, where she studies how educators learn and enact practices that affirm gender and sexual diversity. She is also cofounder and codirector of A Queer Endeavor (aqueerendeavor.org), an initiative that works in partnership with university-based teacher education programs, educators, and school communities to improve the physical safety, social-emotional health, and life and learning opportunities of LGBTQ students, families, and employees. Her work, which aims to develop knowledge, practices, processes, and resources so that the culture of schools is not only safe but also affirming of gender and sexual diversity, has appeared in journals such as Research in the Teaching of English and Gender and Education.
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