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    The Hidden Curriculum of College Athletic Recruitment

    Kirsten Hextrum
    In this article, Kirsten Hextrum considers institutional avenues that limit upward mobility opportunities by revealing a hidden curriculum of athletic recruiting that favors students from privileged backgrounds. The study’s data center on forty-seven life history interviews with National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I athletes from an athletically and academically prestigious university. Hextrum’s findings reveal three phases of a hidden curriculum—socialization, covert selection, and overt selection—that secure greater access to elite colleges for White middle-class communities via athletic participation. In this case, social reproduction required active effort by both representatives of higher education and representatives of White middle-class communities to protect existing class and race relations. 

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    Kirsten Hextrum is an assistant professor of educational leadership and policy studies and a faculty affiliate in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Oklahoma. Her research examines school sports as social settings that can maintain and/or contest power systems. Her professional career in student athlete academic support services and her personal experience as a Division I athlete inform her research, teaching, and activism. Hextrum’s research has appeared or is forthcoming in the Teachers College Record, Berkeley Review of Education, Berkeley Center for Studies in Higher Education Research and Occasional Paper Series, and various edited volumes. Her research has also appeared in public forums, such as a nationally recognized white paper, a brief in the antitrust case O’Bannon v. NCAA, and the 2016 documentary The Business of Amateurs.
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