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    “I Must Be Emerald and Keep My Color”

    Ancient Roman Stoicism in the Middle School Classroom

    In this essay, Leah Guenther, a middle school teacher on Chicago’s South Side, discusses her practice of the ancient philosophy of Stoicism in her classroom, arguing that this misunderstood philosophy with roots in Ancient Greece and Rome has application in today’s complicated educational terrain. She explains how she used Stoicism first to improve her own sense of tranquility and then how she used it to add a behavioral awareness component to a rigorous, standards-based English language arts curriculum.

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    Leah Guenther teaches seventh- and eighth-grade English language arts at Dewey School of Excellence in Chicago. For the past nine years she has worked in turnaround schools at both the middle and high school levels, focusing on using the classics to engage struggling readers. Prior to her work in public schools, Guenther earned a doctorate from Northwestern University, where she specialized in Renaissance literature. Her study of using Shakespeare as a reading intervention appeared in Mid-Western Educational Researcher.
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