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    Between the Global and the Local

    Human Rights Discourse and Engagement in Two New York City High Schools

    S. Garnett Russell

    While there has been a rise in human rights education at the global level, little attention has been paid to how it is integrated into schools in the United States. Drawing on qualitative and quantitative data collected in two diverse high schools across an academic year, S. Garnett Russell investigates the extent to which human rights education influences students’ knowledge and attitudes about human rights and how students engage with and translate global human rights into the local context. Although the majority of students in the study showed a superficial understanding or sense of distance around global human rights issues, Russell finds that students were better able to “vernacularize” universal notions of rights into their own local context, particularly around issues linked to police brutality and racial discrimination. Findings from the study point to the importance of human rights education, particularly for marginalized students.

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    S. Garnett Russell is an assistant professor of international and comparative education at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she also serves as the director of the George Clement Bond Center for African Education. Her research focuses on human rights, gender, and citizenship in conflict-affected and postconflict contexts. Her recent publications have appeared in Social Forces, Comparative Education Review, International Sociology, and International Studies Quarterly, and her book on how education is used for peace-building and reconciliation in Rwanda is forthcoming from Rutgers University Press.

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