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    Navigating Two Worlds

    Exploring Home-School Dissonance in the College-Going Process of Immigrant Families

    This article examines how sub-Saharan African families in the United States engage with high schools and the college-going process. Using qualitative methods and the concept of home-school dissonance, Chrystal A. George Mwangi shows how African immigrant families—one of the fastest-growing yet least-studied immigrant groups—develop educational strategies for the college-going process and how their children navigate differing educational expectations between school and home.

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    Chrystal A. George Mwangi is an assistant professor of higher education in the Department of Educational Policy, Research and Administration at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her scholarship broadly centers on structures of opportunity and educational attainment for underrepresented populations along the P–20 education pathway, the impact of globalization and migration on the US education system, and African and African Diaspora populations in higher education. Her work has been published in Review of Higher Education, Higher Education, Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, and Journal of College Student Development.
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