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    “Los Músicos”

    Mexican Corridos, the Aural Border, and the Evocative Musical Renderings of Transnational Youth

    In this research article, Cati V. de los Ríos examines US-Mexican transnational youths’ engagement with the Mexican musical genre corridos, border folk ballads, and its subgenre, narcocorridos, folk ballads that illuminate elements of the drug trade and often glamorize drug cartels. She draws from ethnographic methods to present empirical knowledge of four young musicians’ critical readings of these genre and their place-making and community-binding practices across their public high school. She demonstrates how these transnational youth draw from their communicative practices to construct meaningful communities on their school campus and details how their evocative musical school performances serve as a cultural resistance to contemporary anti-migrant sentiments. Rather than positioning youth consumption of narcocorridos as simply a “deviant” activity, the findings argue that youth engage critically, intellectually, and aesthetically with narcocorridos as a popular culture practice and that some songs carry important transnational critiques and lessons on capitalism, state-sanctioned violence, and globalization.

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    Cati V. de los Ríos, an assistant professor of education at the University of California, Davis, began her career as a public school teacher in California and Massachusetts. Her research explores the intersections of transnationalism, adolescent literacies, translanguaging, youth civic engagement, and the teaching of ethnic studies in secondary settings. For her research she has won fellowships from the Ford Foundation, the National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation, and the National Council of Teachers of English. Her recent work has been published in Reading Research Quarterly, Research in the Teaching of English, Learning, Media and Technology, and Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy.

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    “Los Músicos”
    Mexican Corridos, the Aural Border, and the Evocative Musical Renderings of Transnational Youth

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