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    A Call for Intersectionality in US Schooling

    Testimonios of Chicana Students in High School

    Guided by the concept of nepantleras and critical race nepantlera methodology, Nancy Acevedo presents the testimonios of Citlalli Bejarano and Natalie Ibarra Collazo, two Chicana students who attend urban high schools. Citlalli and Natalie share various forms of inclusion and exclusion that they experience as Chicanas attending private and public high schools in California. The article highlights a need for schooling experiences that acknowledge the intersectional identities of Chicana students, foster critical consciousness, and provide the opportunity for students to contribute to their education and the world.

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    Nancy Acevedo is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Technology at California State University, San Bernardino. She uses critical race theory and Chicana feminist theories to examine the transitions of Latina/o/x students along the higher education pipeline to interrupt racist and deficit policies, practices, and ideologies that contribute to the marginalization of communities of color. Her work has appeared in numerous journals, including Race Ethnicity and Education and the Journal of Hispanic Higher Education. She is coauthor with Gilberto Q. Conchas of The Chicana/o/x Dream: Hope, Resistance, and Educational Success (Harvard Education Press, 2020).

    Citlalli Bejarano is a high school student in the tenth grade. She is interested in pursuing a college degree in political science and aims to address social injustices in marginalized communities.

    Natalie Ibarra Collazo is a high school student in the tenth grade. She will be a first-generation college student. She is interested in pursuing theater art and producing plays that reflect the experiences of LGBTQ+ Latina/o/x youth.
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