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    The Semiformality of Teacher Leadership on the Edge of Chaos

    Jason Margolis
    In this article, Jason Margolis draws from complexity theory to explore the twenty-year negotiation between formal and informal teacher leadership in research and practice, making the case that there has been a drift toward a conception of semiformal teacher leadership in the field. Through both theory and examples, he illustrates how semiformal teacher leadership has the potential to afford school systems and educators both information and processors of information they likely would not otherwise have. Teacher leaders, in roles that are neither inflexible or ill-defined, can carve out intentional spaces on the edge of chaos to promote professional learning and communication in ways that solely school teachers or solely school leaders may not. In these spaces, productive complexity, agency, and systemic learning can coevolve.

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    Jason Margolis is a professor of education at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. A former New York City public high school English teacher, he explores in his empirical and theoretical work the intersection of teacher professional development, teacher leadership, and efforts to change schools. His recent publications have contributed new and usable teacher leader conceptual frameworks for both educational scholars and practitioners. As one of the most highly cited teacher leadership researchers of the last ten years, Margolis has published his work in numerous journals, including Teachers College Record, Educational Administration Quarterly, and Professional Development in Education.
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