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    Relative Racialization and Asian American College Student Activism

    Samuel D. Museus
    In this qualitative study, Samuel D. Museus analyzes how relative racialization processes and their dynamics shape Asian American college students’ racial justice activism. The findings from his qualitative interviews with activist Asian American undergraduates reveal how these students perceived relative racialization processes as raising barriers to their racial justice efforts. Specifically, they saw these forms of racialization as promoting racialized comparisons and competition among communities of color involved in racial justice activism and as leading to the marginalization of Asian Americans in racial justice agendas—which reinforced internalized racism that inhibited racial justice work within this population.

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    Samuel D. Museus is a professor at the University of California, San Diego and the founding director of the National Institute for Transformation and Equity. He has produced more than one hundred academic publications focused on diversity and equity, campus environments, and college student experiences and outcomes. His work has appeared in a wide range of journals, including the Harvard Educational Review, Journal of Higher Education, Review of Educational Research, Teachers College Record, and Review of Higher Education.
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