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    At the Root of Their Stories

    Black and Latinx Students’ Experiences with Academic Microaggressions

    Rosalie Rolón-Dow
    In this narrative study, Rosalie Rolón-Dow explores the nature of academic microaggressions that racially minoritized undergraduate students experience at predominantly white institutions. She illustrates microaggression incidents related to (in)visibility, intellect or academic contributions, and curriculum relevant to students’ racial identities, communities, or histories. Using a critical race theory microaggression framework, she analyzes academic microaggressions in the broader context of institutional racism and white supremacy to show how white supremacy tools like othering, monoculturalism, nativism, white ascendancy, normativity, and ignorance are deployed. Rolón-Dow calls for colleges and universities to deepen their understanding of the effects of microaggressions on students’ academic lives and contends that institutions seeking to become more racially inclusive must address the ways that ideologies inherent in white supremacy continue to be expressed through racial microaggressions. 

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    Rosalie Rolón-Dow (https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1735-0563) is an associate professor in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Delaware, where she also serves as faculty director for Undergraduate Research and McNair Scholars Programs. Her research focuses on race and culture in education. In particular, she employs qualitative methodologies to study the microaggressions and microaffirmations racially minoritized students experience in higher education and how these influence their conceptions of campus climate. She also studies the development of racial literacy in teacher educators and teacher candidates. Rolón-Dow’s work has appeared in such journals as Race and Ethnicity in Education, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, American Journal of Qualitative Research, and Centro Journal.
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