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    Norms of Convivencia as Practices of Abjection

    Saving the Nation by Saving the Muslim Girl

    Belén Hernando-Lloréns
    In this historical inquiry, Belén Hernando-Lloréns uses the case of one young Spanish woman who was suspended for wearing a hijab to school to argue that norms of convivencia in culturally and racially diverse educational spaces work as a practice of abjection that excludes in the name of inclusion. She examines three strategies that made this girl’s veiling an issue of public safety: problematizing Muslim girls’ veiled bodies, normalizing what the responsible female citizen’s body looks like, and pathologizing the desire to veil. This inquiry, which is based on the analysis of policy and law, media, and educational research, contends that norms of convivencia in education carry embedded notions of a salvationist agenda that other and exclude those who deviate from normative, liberal images of a responsible personhood.
    Belén Hernando-Lloréns (https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3689-1576) is an assistant professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the University of Iowa. Her scholarship traces the production of linguistic, cultural, and racial diversity as an educational “problem” that elicits different social and pedagogical “solutions” in different historical moments. Hernando-Lloréns’s research has been published in journals like the Journal of Curriculum Studies, Curriculum Inquiry, and Bilingual Research Journal, and she is coediting the special issue “Conviviality and the Making of Difference” of Globalisation, Societies, and Education (forthcoming). Her dissertation received the American Educational Research Association’s Outstanding Dissertation Award (Div. B).
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