1. Permissions Policy

    Permissions Policy

    The material published by the Harvard Education Publishing Group (henceforth HEPG) is copyrighted by the President and Fellows of Harvard College, of which HEPG is part. It is our policy to grant permission to republish or otherwise reproduce this material in many instances. However, no article or other material may be republished or reproduced, whether by printing, photocopying, electronic means, or otherwise, without the written permission of HEPG, and certain restrictions must be observed. Blanket permission to republish material from HEPG is not given to any publisher of books, journals, magazines, or newspapers, or to any other agent. Specific requests must be made in writing and will be handled on an individual basis.

    The following restrictions are placed upon republication of HEPG material, to the extent applicable:
    1. The title of an HEPG work shall not be used as the title of the book, nor shall the author of such work be given greater prominence than any author whose material is in the book.
    2. Unless an original source is cited, the use of tables, figures, or other illustrations requires permission from HEPG.
    3. No adaptations or changes in the text of the work may be made without the written permission of HEPG.
    4. The right to republish the materials listed in a request shall apply only to the specific edition or issue of the book or other publication named in the request. Permission does not extend to any other media versions of the material, print or electronic, unless specifically stated by HEPG.
    5. This permission does not cover any part of the above-named material which is independently copyrighted or which bears a separate notation.
    6. Permission will not be granted to include more than two HEPG articles in a book or course packet, and the proportion of HEPG material included in a book or course packet may not exceed 10% of the volume per page count.
    7. Permission to republish HEPG material shall end without notice if the proposed work is not published within two years of the date such permission is granted, or if published, the work remains out of print for six months, or if any of the terms listed herein are violated.
    8. The copyright notice will be placed in one of the following: the copyright page; the first page of each selection; the acknowledgment section in so long as reference is made to the first page of each selection. If notice is not printed in one of these places, all rights granted herein are terminated.
    9. HEPG shall receive without charge one copy of the publication in which HEPG material appears.
    If you have any questions, please contact: laura_clos@harvard.edu.