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Assessment in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Legislators in Virginia pass legislation requiring assessment programs at all higher education institutions to ensure the citizens of Virginia of the quality of higher education available in the commonwealth.

Austin Community College

Austin Community College succeeds in creating a local tax base in 1986, adding $10 million annually to its budget.

Budgeting at Beacon College

The case describes the transition at Beacon College from a one-person-controlled financial system to a more participatory one.

Edgecomb College

An analysis of three compensation plans at Edgecomb College—one for faculty, one for support staff, and one for administrative staff.

Seymour University

As Frank Anthony settles in as Seymour University’s new president, he confronts ongoing fiscal and leadership challenges. The university is in dire financial straits, the campus suffers from a substantial deferred maintenance problem, enrollment is unstable, and the global economy is in a tailspin.

The University of Michigan Funding Information Resources

The provost at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor is looking for a strategy for providing access to information throughout the university.

Tuition Pricing at the University of Massachusetts (A)

A description of the process used to establish tuition and fees at the University of Massachusetts for fiscal year 1992.

Tuition Pricing at the University of Massachusetts (B)

By 1993, the University enters into a period of relative fiscal stability.

University of Southern Maine (A)

Due to statewide budget cutbacks and declining enrollments, USM faces a severe budget crisis.

University of Southern Maine (B)

President Pattenaude works closely with USM faculty and staff to develop a comprehensive five-year-plan.

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