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Harriman College

Startled by statistics on poverty and education in her county, Karen Davis, Director of Adult Programs at Harriman College, considers creating a program at the school to help single mothers complete high school and to provide job training.

Miami-Dade Community College (A)

The president of the Miami-Dade Community College Kendall Campus spends eighteen months working for the passage of a referendum that would earmark property taxes in Dade County, Florida, to create an endowment for the college.

Miami-Dade Community College (B)

Despite the hurricane, voters pass the tax referendum creating an endowment fund for the college.

The Bonfire Collapse at Texas A&M University (A)

In the early morning hours of November 18, 1999, Texas A&M University experienced a catastrophic event that quickly became one of the biggest media stories of the year.

The Bonfire Collapse at Texas A&M University (B)

In the aftermath of an unprecedented and tragic event that had captured the nation’s attention, Texas A&M President Ray Bowen was responsible for deciding the optimal form and substance of what was sure to be a closely-watched and emotionally-charged investigation of the bonfire collapse

The Kentucky Appropriations Process (A)

Faced with inadequate resources, businesses unsatisfied with the quality of their employees, and a series of crises surrounding the state government's handling of higher education, Jim King, Vice President for President Godsey and his senior staff deal with the bad publicity?

The Kentucky Appropriations Process (B)

Mercer reacts publicly to the criticisms detailed in the mailing and creates a strategy to gain support at the Georgia Baptist Convention in order not to lose control of the board.

University of Colorado System

The University of Colorado system is facing major challenges when, in July 2006, Bud Peterson steps into his new role as Chancellor of the Boulder campus.

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