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Human Resources and Labor Relations

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Abbott College (A)

A search is underway for a new president of Abbott, a private, liberal arts college.

Abbott College (B)

Two candidates have strong support: the current vice president of finance, and the dean of the faculty at another college.

Crisis at Wesleyan University (X)

Minority students at Wesleyan University demand that the president and trustees provide more resources, classes, and activities for diversity awareness.

Crisis at Wesleyan University (Y)

Tensions continue at Wesleyan. There are two fire bombings, graffiti are painted on the walls of Malcolm X house, and at a school-wide forum President Chace is verbally attacked.

Crisis at Wesleyan University (Z)

The administration establishes a committee to respond to student demands.

Huron State University (A)

A fight occurs on campus between a second-year MBA student and an electrician employed by Huron State.

Huron State University (B)

Students calling for the electrician's dismissal devise an alternative plan with the assistance of a professor and some administrators.

Huron State University (C)

It appears that the problem is settled, but the dean of the business school and the president add a new requirement for the electrician to retain his job: a visit to University Psychiatric Services where he will be interviewed and certified by competent staff.

Will Connors

This case describes a week in the life of Will Connors, dean of a university's College of Continuing Education.