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Academic Planning at Queens College

Late in 1992, the chancellor's office of the City University of New York releases a cost-reducing plan to consolidate many academic programs on the various CUNY campuses and to create a more centralized CUNY system.

Assessment at Bourn University

Prompted by a negative accreditation report that put the institution on notice as needing to address resistance among faculty and administrators to engage in systematic assessment work, the senior leadership at Bourn University launches an initiative to develop a university-wide integrated assessment program.

Community-Centered Planning at Connecticut College (A)

In 1994, the Board of Trustees approves a five-year strategic plan for Connecticut College, a private, selective, liberal arts institution.

Community-Centered Planning at Connecticut College (B)

As Connecticut College enters the fourth year of implementing its five-year strategic plan, all appears well.

Digital Dartmouth

Engineering a Culture Shift
Emily Whalen

Dartmouth College embarks on a strategic effort to build a comprehensive digital information strategy for academic records preservation and information resource management.

Evaluating Programs and Services at Algonquin College (A)

In the face of increasing student enrollment, decreasing government appropriations, and a shifting public policy framework, Algonquin College (a two-year, associate degree-granting institution and one of twenty-four colleges of applied arts and technology within the Ontario, Canada higher education system), embarks in 2009 upon a systematic evaluation of academic programs and services.

Evaluating Programs and Services at Algonquin College (B)

In December 2010, an article appears in The Chronicle of Higher Education detailing the outcomes of Algonquin’s SPSP project.

Institutional Effectiveness at Metropolitan Community College

District chancellor Stanley Potvin presents an Institutional Effectiveness initiative to his staff. He asks them to create sources for district-wide data and develop key institutional indicators.

Internationalization at DePaul University

During the launch of DePaul University’s capital campaign in Spring 2010, President Dennis Holtschneider made a clear and persuasive case in support of increased global engagement by the university.

Morehouse College

Morehouse College, one of the nation’s oldest historically black colleges, has fallen behind in terms of technology infrastructure.

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