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Adelphi University (A)

Upon arriving as president of Adelphi, Peter Diamandopolous develops an innovative advertising campaign to bring the university national recognition.

Adelphi University (B)

This case updates Adelphi's marketing campaign, and briefly discusses student and faculty reactions to the campaign and admissions procedures at Adelphi.

Alewife Community College

Administrators at Alewife must develop a plan to market the newly-created community college.

Assessment in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Legislators in Virginia pass legislation requiring assessment programs at all higher education institutions to ensure the citizens of Virginia of the quality of higher education available in the commonwealth.

Budgeting at Beacon College

The case describes the transition at Beacon College from a one-person-controlled financial system to a more participatory one.

Building Parent Leadership Through Community Organizing

The Logan Square Neighborhood Association’s Parent Mentor Program in Chicago
Soo Hong, Mark R. Warren, and Karen L. Mapp

This case describes a program through which Latina parents become educational activists and change agents in neighborhood schools.

Campaign Wartburg

Though Wartburg College was in sound financial shape, Board Chair Fred Hagemann was uneasy.

Community-Centered Planning at Connecticut College (A)

In 1994, the Board of Trustees approves a five-year strategic plan for Connecticut College, a private, selective, liberal arts institution.

Evaluating Programs and Services at Algonquin College (A)

In the face of increasing student enrollment, decreasing government appropriations, and a shifting public policy framework, Algonquin College (a two-year, associate degree-granting institution and one of twenty-four colleges of applied arts and technology within the Ontario, Canada higher education system), embarks in 2009 upon a systematic evaluation of academic programs and services.

Funding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (A)

Southern Echo and Alliance Building in a Racialized Context
Mara Casey Tieken, Kenneth Russel, Mark R. Warren, and Karen L. Mapp

This case traces the efforts of Southern Echo, a community organizing network working in poor, black communities in the Mississippi Delta, to significantly increase state spending on public education