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Abbott College (A)

A search is underway for a new president of Abbott, a private, liberal arts college.

Abbott College (B)

Two candidates have strong support: the current vice president of finance, and the dean of the faculty at another college.

Academic Planning at Queens College

Late in 1992, the chancellor's office of the City University of New York releases a cost-reducing plan to consolidate many academic programs on the various CUNY campuses and to create a more centralized CUNY system.

Adelphi University (A)

Upon arriving as president of Adelphi, Peter Diamandopolous develops an innovative advertising campaign to bring the university national recognition.

Adelphi University (B)

This case updates Adelphi's marketing campaign, and briefly discusses student and faculty reactions to the campaign and admissions procedures at Adelphi.

Alewife Community College

Administrators at Alewife must develop a plan to market the newly-created community college.

Arizona State University

Scaling the New American Research University
Monica Higgins and Nicole Magnuson

This case offers a multifaceted examination of leadership, vision, and scaling for impact within a public higher education institution: Arizona State University (ASU). 

Assessment at Bourn University

Prompted by a negative accreditation report that put the institution on notice as needing to address resistance among faculty and administrators to engage in systematic assessment work, the senior leadership at Bourn University launches an initiative to develop a university-wide integrated assessment program.

Assessment in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Legislators in Virginia pass legislation requiring assessment programs at all higher education institutions to ensure the citizens of Virginia of the quality of higher education available in the commonwealth.

Austin Community College

Austin Community College succeeds in creating a local tax base in 1986, adding $10 million annually to its budget.

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