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George Washington University

The College of Professional Studies

George Washington University has successfully utilized all traditional forms of generating revenues. If the university hopes to continue growing, an innovative approach to increase revenue must be found.

Great Lakes State University

Developed by the Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard Graduation School of Education, “Great Lakes State University” is an interactive, in-class simulation exercise focused on crisis leadership in higher education at a small public university.

Harriman College

Startled by statistics on poverty and education in her county, Karen Davis, Director of Adult Programs at Harriman College, considers creating a program at the school to help single mothers complete high school and to provide job training.

Huron State University (A)

A fight occurs on campus between a second-year MBA student and an electrician employed by Huron State.

Huron State University (B)

Students calling for the electrician's dismissal devise an alternative plan with the assistance of a professor and some administrators.

Huron State University (C)

It appears that the problem is settled, but the dean of the business school and the president add a new requirement for the electrician to retain his job: a visit to University Psychiatric Services where he will be interviewed and certified by competent staff.

Institutional Advancement at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (A)

Historically, advancement had not been a priority at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Freeman Hrabowski, the charismatic new president, wanted to change that.

Institutional Advancement at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (B)

In less than four years, the UMBC capital campaign exceeded its goals. The Office of Institutional Advancement has grown into a well-funded and staffed organization.

Institutional Advancement at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (C)

After two decades of unprecedented growth and development, the future appears bright for UMBC. The completion of two successful capital campaigns, improvements in faculty quality and research activity, growth of the physical plant, and an increasing number of vibrant university/corporate partnerships result in institutional improvements that garner national attention.

Institutional Effectiveness at Metropolitan Community College

District chancellor Stanley Potvin presents an Institutional Effectiveness initiative to his staff. He asks them to create sources for district-wide data and develop key institutional indicators.

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