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The New Department Chair

Helen Nelson becomes chair of the Political Science Department when her predecessor, David Beaufort, passes away.

The Thirteenth Man

Ted Bell and the U.S. Department of Education

As Secretary of Education in Ronald Reagan's cabinet, Ted Bell faces an uphill battle.

The University of Michigan Funding Information Resources

The provost at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor is looking for a strategy for providing access to information throughout the university.

The Wheelock College/Boston University Merger

Lukas Wenrick

In 2017, Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts faces a set of critical strategic choices. With a declining applicant pool and inability to offer institutional services at scale in a cost-effective way, Wheelock decides to pursue a merger that will enable the college to sustain its long-standing and highly-valued mission.

The Women’s Center at Monsignor University (B)

As a temporary measure, Josephs orders the link to NOW deactivated while the issue is considered at greater length.

The Women's Center at Monsignor University (A)

Vice President for Student Affairs Grace Josephs has been summoned from her summer vacation by Monsignor University’s newly appointed President, Reverend Francis Dunn. Just one week into his presidency, Dunn has received a disturbing e-mail from a wealthy alumnus about the Women’s Center, which Josephs oversees.

Tuition Pricing at the University of Massachusetts (A)

A description of the process used to establish tuition and fees at the University of Massachusetts for fiscal year 1992.

Tuition Pricing at the University of Massachusetts (B)

By 1993, the University enters into a period of relative fiscal stability.

UNITEC Institute of Technology (consolidated version)

In the early 1990s, legislation in New Zealand seeks to make all institutions of higher education more efficient and more financially accountable.

University of Colorado System

The University of Colorado system is facing major challenges when, in July 2006, Bud Peterson steps into his new role as Chancellor of the Boulder campus.

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    W. Carson Byrd, Foreword by Walter R. Allen
  2. Beyond the Skills Gap
    Matthew T. Hora with Ross J. Benbow and Amanda K. Oleson
  3. Data Wise, Revised and Expanded Edition
    Edited by Kathryn Parker Boudett, Elizabeth A. City, and Richard J. Murnane
  4. Districts That Succeed
    Karin Chenoweth
  5. Unconscious Bias in Schools
    Tracey A. Benson and Sarah E. Fiarman, Foreword by Glenn E. Singleton

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