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A Better Way to Budget

Building Support for Bold, Student-Centered Change in Public Schools
Nathan Levenson

A Better Way to Budget provides practical, innovative advice on how to overcome the political and social pushback that often prevents district and school leaders from shifting scarce resources to the most student-centered uses. Nathan Levenson shows how school leaders can uncover the sources of potential conflicts and create a budgeting process that normalizes change, minimizes pushback, and builds public buy-in for needed reforms.


A Cord of Three Strands

A New Approach to Parent Engagement in Schools
Soo Hong, foreword by Jean Anyon

How can low-income, non-English-speaking parents become advocates, leaders, and role models in their children’s schools? A Cord of Three Strands offers a close study of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, a grassroots organization on the northwest side of Chicago, whose work on parent engagement has drawn national attention.


A Decade of Urban School Reform

Persistence and Progress in the Boston Public Schools
Edited by S. Paul Reville with Celine Coggins

A Decade of Urban School Reform looks at this critical era in the Boston schools and distills valuable insights and lessons for school leaders and reformers everywhere. 


A Good Fit for All Kids

Collaborating to Teach Writing in Diverse, Inclusive Settings
Kelly Chandler-Olcott

2021 Divergent Book Award for Excellence in 21st Century Literacies Research

A Good Fit for All Kids supports teachers in constructing research-based, collaborative approaches to teaching writing, in print and technology-mediated forms, for diverse, inclusive classrooms.


A Grand Bargain for Education Reform

New Rewards and Supports for New Accountability
Edited by Theodore Hershberg and Claire Robertson-Kraft, foreword by Christopher T. Cross

This book offers an ambitious new system for evaluating, compensating, and providing professional development for school teachers and administrators.


A Nation Reformed?

American Education Twenty Years after A Nation at Risk
Edited by David T. Gordon with a foreword by Patricia Albjerg Graham

A Nation Reformed? takes stock of twenty years of school reform. Was the nation really ever "at risk" and, if so, is it still? Which reforms have made a difference and which haven't? And where do we go from here?


A New Canon

Designing Culturally Sustaining Humanities Curriculum
Evan C. Gutierrez

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A New Canon is the first book to provide a framework for designing and utilizing rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum to address the lack of representation for marginalized communities in formal education. Grounded in literature around cultural relevance and responsive teaching practice, the book provides step-by-step guidance for curriculum development that connects students to the intellectual traditions of their communities.


A Policy Reader in Universal Design for Learning

Edited by David T. Gordon, Jenna W. Gravel, and Laura A. Schifter, foreword by Martha L. Minow

This policy reader comprises a notably wide range of articles that address the challenges and opportunities facing policy makers as they consider UDL’s implications for federal, state, and local policy.


A Practical Reader in Universal Design for Learning

Edited by David H. Rose and Anne Meyer

In this first UDL Reader, Anne Meyer and David H. Rose bring together a collection of articles on the practical, classroom dimensions of the UDL revolution in education.


A Qualified Teacher in Every Classroom?

Appraising Old Answers and New Ideas
Edited by Frederick M. Hess, Andrew J. Rotherham, and Kate Walsh

A Qualified Teacher in Every Classroom? lays out new approaches for ensuring high-quality teacher preparation while offering a candid assessment of the obstacles that may impede the implementation of such new models.