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Human Capital

A Grand Bargain for Education Reform

New Rewards and Supports for New Accountability
Edited by Theodore Hershberg and Claire Robertson-Kraft, foreword by Christopher T. Cross

This book offers an ambitious new system for evaluating, compensating, and providing professional development for school teachers and administrators.


Collective Bargaining in Education

Negotiating Change in Today's Schools
Edited by Jane Hannaway and Andrew J. Rotherham

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This timely and comprehensive volume will spur and strengthen public debate over the role of teachers unions in education reform for years to come.


Pay-for-Performance Teacher Compensation

An Inside View of Denver’s ProComp Plan
Phil Gonring, Paul Teske, and Brad Jupp

Denver’s groundbreaking campaign to introduce performance-based pay for teachers captured national and international attention and has paved the way for similar efforts elsewhere. In this book, Phil Gonring, Paul Teske, and Brad Jupp—among the key players in this successful come-from-behind campaign—offer the inside story of the ProComp initiative. They describe how entrepreneurial behavior within the teachers union and support from outside philanthropic groups propelled the plan from a cutting-edge concept into concrete policy.


Teaching Talent

A Visionary Framework for Human Capital in Education
Edited by Rachel E. Curtis and Judy Wurtzel, foreword by Michael F. Bennet, Senator from Colorado

Teaching Talent presents a framework for human capital development that draws on a two-year initiative by the Aspen Institute Education and Society Program to research sectors that have effective, well-developed human capital systems and point the way toward human capital innovations in public education.