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Urban School Reform

A Decade of Urban School Reform

Persistence and Progress in the Boston Public Schools
Edited by S. Paul Reville with Celine Coggins

A Decade of Urban School Reform looks at this critical era in the Boston schools and distills valuable insights and lessons for school leaders and reformers everywhere. 


Education Reform in New York City

Ambitious Change in the Nation’s Most Complex School System
Edited by Jennifer A. O’Day, Catherine S. Bitter, and Louis M. Gomez

Written in an accessible style by highly respected scholars, the papers in this volume document and analyze particular components of the Children First reforms, including governance, community engagement, finance, accountability, and instruction.


Learning from L.A.

Institutional Change in American Public Education
Charles Taylor Kerchner, David J. Menefee-Libey, Laura Steen Mulfinger, and Stephanie E. Clayton

2010 Outstanding Academic Title, Choice
2010 "Districts in Research and Reform" Publication Award, American Educational Research Association

Drawing on a four-year study of the last 40 years of education reform in Los Angeles, Learning from L.A. captures the sweeping change in American education. It puts forth a provocative argument: while school reformers and education historians have tended to focus on the success or failure of individual initiatives, they have overlooked the fact that, over the past several decades, the institution of public education itself has been transformed.


So Much Reform, So Little Change

The Persistence of Failure in Urban Schools
By Charles M. Payne

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This frank and courageous book explores the persistence of failure in today’s urban schools. At its heart is the argument that most education policy discussions are disconnected from the daily realities of urban schools, especially those in poor and beleaguered neighborhoods.


Urban School Reform

Lessons from San Diego
Edited by Frederick M. Hess

An indispensable book for administrators, policymakers, scholars, and practitioners, Urban School Reform presents a revealing portrait of reform efforts while identifying the full range of issues that education reformers will need to address in districts across the country in the years ahead.