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Better Teaching and Learning in the Digital Classroom

Edited by David T. Gordon

Better Teaching and Learning in the Digital Classroom is essential reading for any education professional or parent who wants to make the most of what the newest technologies have to offer.


Equal Scrutiny

Privatization and Accountability in Digital Education
Patricia Burch and Annalee G. Good

In the current rush to adopt and expand digital learning, many important considerations are being overlooked that will have major consequences for the future of American public education. As private education technology contractors and vendors move deeper into the work of public education, questions concerning the quality of the services, who is served, and who benefits need to be answered.


Spotlight on Technology in Education

No. 7 in the Harvard Education Letter Spotlight Series
Edited by Nancy Walser, foreword by Will Richardson

This edited volume covers the range of critical trends in the use of computers and other devices for classroom teaching, online learning, professional development, school improvement, and student assessment.


Teachers Talking Tech

Creating Exceptional Classrooms with Technology
Dave Saltman

Someday soon, like the pencil, projector, and word processor before them, the smart board and smartphone will simply be things that teachers and students use on the way to learning. Until then, teachers will struggle to answer a myriad of difficult questions about a wide range of new digital tools that have burst forth on the educational landscape. What makes a new tool worth learning and adopting? How is it best learned? Who can help?



Taking Practice to the Next Level in a Digital World
Julie M. Wood and Nicole Ponsford, foreword by P. David Pearson

“Congratulations. Your school has just purchased a cart housing twenty-four tablets. Your principal wants you to roll it right into your classroom and start innovating—tomorrow.”

So begins this engaging and highly accessible guide for practitioners looking for a systematic way to kick their teaching up a notch by combining education technology with best practices in teaching and learning.


The Digital Classroom

How Technology Is Changing the Way We Teach and Learn
Edited by David T. Gordon

This book features more than 25 articles and essays that discuss the rewards and challenges of integrating technology into schools, as well as short editorials from technology experts, educators, and cultural critics.


Transforming Schools with Technology

How Smart Use of Digital Tools Helps Achieve Six Key Education Goals
Andrew A. Zucker

In this timely and thoughtful book, Andrew Zucker argues that technology can and will play a central role in efforts to achieve crucial education goals, and that it will be an essential component of further improvement and transformation of schools.


What Next?

Educational Innovation and Philadelphia’s School of the Future
Edited by Mary Cullinane and Frederick M. Hess

What Next? offers a detailed study of the School of the Future's first three years (2006–2009) revealing what the School of the Future can teach us about high school redesign, public-private partnerships, and the use of technology in school reform.