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International Perspectives

Education and War

Edited by Elizabeth E. Blair, Rebecca B. Miller, and Mara Casey Tieken

This timely book examines the complex and varied relations between educational institutions and societies at war. Drawn from the pages of the Harvard Educational Review, the essays provide multiple perspectives on how educational institutions support and oppose wartime efforts


Feeling Safe in School

Bullying and Violence Prevention Around the World
Edited by Jonathan Cohen and Dorothy L. Espelage

Jonathan Cohen and Dorothy L. Espelage, two leading authorities in the fields of school climate and prevention science, have gathered experts from around the globe to highlight policy and practice recommendations for supporting children and adolescents to feel and be safe in school.


How to Change 5000 Schools

A Practical and Positive Approach for Leading Change at Every Level
Ben Levin

In How to Change 5000 Schools, Ben Levin, former deputy minister of education for the province of Ontario, draws on his experience overseeing major systemwide education reforms in Canada and England to set forth a refreshingly positive, pragmatic, and optimistic approach to leading educational change at all levels.


Inclusive Education

Examining Equity on Five Continents
Edited by Alfredo J. Artiles, Elizabeth B. Kozleski, and Federico R. Waitoller

Despite the impressive growth of inclusive education around the world, questions and considerations about equity have been neglected. This edited volume makes a major contribution to the field of inclusive education by analyzing equity concerns that have emerged from the implementation of inclusive education models in nine nations on five continents.


International Education for the Millennium

Toward Access, Equity, and Quality
Edited by Benjamin Piper, Sarah Dryden-Peterson, and Young-Suk Kim

This volume sheds light on contemporary theoretical work and research, on a range of national and international polices, and on education reform in developing countries.


Schooling in the Workplace

How Six of the World’s Best Vocational Education Systems Prepare Young People for Jobs and Life
Nancy Hoffman, foreword by Stanley S. Litow

Which non-American education systems best prepare young people for fulfilling jobs and successful adult lives? And what can the United States—where far too many young people currently enter adulthood without adequate preparation for the twenty-first-century job market—learn, adopt, and adapt from these other systems?