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Special Education, General

Inclusive Education

Examining Equity on Five Continents
Edited by Alfredo J. Artiles, Elizabeth B. Kozleski, and Federico R. Waitoller

Despite the impressive growth of inclusive education around the world, questions and considerations about equity have been neglected. This edited volume makes a major contribution to the field of inclusive education by analyzing equity concerns that have emerged from the implementation of inclusive education models in nine nations on five continents.


New Directions in Special Education

Eliminating Ableism in Policy and Practice
Thomas Hehir

A comprehensive study that is also practical and realistic, New Directions in Special Education outlines principles for decisionmaking about special education at every level—from the family to the classroom, school, and district—and for state and federal policy.


Racial Inequity in Special Education

Edited by Daniel J. Losen and Gary Orfield

An illuminating account of a widespread problem that has received little attention, Racial Inequity in Education sets the stage for a more fruitful discussion about special education and racial justice.


Six Shifts to Improve Special Education and Other Interventions

A Commonsense Approach for School Leaders
Nathan Levenson

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Six Shifts to Improve Special Education and Other Interventions offers a set of bold, new ideas for dramatically raising the achievement of students with mild to moderate disabilities and students experiencing serious academic, social and emotional, and behavioral difficulties.


Special Education for a New Century

Edited by Lauren I. Katzman, Allison Gruner Gandhi, Wendy S. Harbour, and J.D. LaRock

Special Education for a New Century pays particularly close attention to how inclusive education practices can best be promoted in the era of standards-based accountability.


The Blind Advantage

How Going Blind Made Me a Stronger Principal and How Including Children with Disabilities Made Our School Better for Everyone
Bill Henderson

The Blind Advantage provides insight into the challenges, possibilities, and practicalities of including students with disabilities—and into the mind and heart of an inspired and determined leader.