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Professional Development

Coaching in Communities

Pursuing Justice, Teacher Learning, and Transformation
Melissa Mosley Wetzel, Erica Holyoke, Kerry H. Alexander, Heather Dunham, and Claire Collins

A revolutionary framework for preservice teacher learning centered on justice-focused coaching that encourages culturally responsive practice and disrupts systems of oppression.

In Coaching in Communities, researcher Melissa Mosley Wetzel, along with her coauthors, distills the lessons of an eight-year study into a transformative educator training model, Coaching with CARE (an acronym for critical and content-focused, appreciative, reflective, and experiential). She demonstrates how effective, contextual teacher training can be a cornerstone of educational justice, which occurs when all learners are supported to be successful in school and when schools expand notions of success to include diverse ways of life and learning.
Available May 2023


Competency-Based Education

A New Architecture for K-12 Schooling
Rose L. Colby

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Competency-Based Education introduces educators to a new model for anytime, anywhere schooling and provides tools and curriculum resources for redesigning the traditional structures of K–12 schools.


Critical Network Literacy

Humanizing Professional Development for Educators
Kira J. Baker-Doyle, Foreword by Alan J. Daly

This practical and forward-focused book presents a framework that uses social infrastructure to produce effective and inclusive professional development options in education. 

Although technology has increased our capacity for social networking both in the digital space and face-to-face, Kira J. Baker-Doyle contends that most professional development opportunities for educators are still fundamentally asocial. She calls for the adoption of humanizing network practices to create meaningful continuing education experiences that leverage the collective knowledge, expertise, and social capital of educators to spark educational change. 
Available May 2023


Dilemmas of Educational Ethics

Cases and Commentaries
Edited by Meira Levinson and Jacob Fay

Educators and policy makers confront challenging questions of ethics, justice, and equity on a regular basis. Should teachers retain a struggling student if it means she will most certainly drop out? Should an assignment plan favor middle-class families if it means strengthening the school system for all? These everyday dilemmas are both utterly ordinary and immensely challenging, yet there are few opportunities and resources to help educators think through the ethical issues at stake.


Educating English Learners

What Every Classroom Teacher Needs to Know
Joyce W. Nutta, Carine Strebel, Kouider Mokhtari, Florin M. Mihai, and Edwidge Crevecoeur-Bryant

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In Educating English Learners, Joyce W. Nutta and her colleagues offer practical tools for helping schools and teachers successfully integrate English learners into mainstream classrooms. Drawing on the One Plus model presented in their award-winning book, Preparing Every Teacher to Reach English Learners, the authors now turn their attention to the needs of K–12 teachers who typically have two or three English learners in their classrooms.


English Learners at Home and at School

Stories and Strategies
Joyce W. Nutta, Foreword by Carine M. Feyten

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The engaging profiles of English Learners at Home and at School offer access to a deeper and broader understanding of the lived experiences of English learners and their families. Such knowledge is essential for all educators in order to anticipate the needs of, and best support, English learners.


Great College Teaching

Where It Happens and How to Foster It Everywhere
Corbin M. Campbell, Foreword by Jonathan Gyurko

Shows where and how exemplary teaching is practiced in US higher education and charts a course for cultivating teaching improvement throughout all types of institutions.

Great College Teaching highlights where and how exemplary teaching is practiced in US higher education and charts a course for cultivating teaching improvement throughout all types of institutions.
Available April 2023


Helping Educators Grow

Strategies and Practices for Leadership Development
Eleanor Drago-Severson

How can we prepare practicing and aspiring education leaders for the complex, adaptive challenges they face? In Helping Educators Grow, Eleanor Drago-Severson presents a new approach to leadership development.


How to Create the Conditions for Learning

Continuous Improvement in Classrooms, Schools, and Districts
Ann Jaquith

How to Create the Conditions for Learning shows how the conditions for continuously improving instruction can be created at every level—from the classroom to the school to the central office.


Investigating Disciplinary Literacy

A Framework for Collaborative Professional Learning
Christina L. Dobbs, Jacy Ippolito, and Megin Charner-Laird, Foreword by Elizabeth A. City

Investigating Disciplinary Literacy provides practical, research-based guidance for teachers seeking to strengthen students’ reading, writing, and communication skills in subjects from the humanities to the sciences. The authors present a framework for conducting professional development cycles based on disciplinary literacy-related learning and district-based research projects they have conducted over the past five years.