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Teacher Quality

A Qualified Teacher in Every Classroom?

Appraising Old Answers and New Ideas
Edited by Frederick M. Hess, Andrew J. Rotherham, and Kate Walsh

A Qualified Teacher in Every Classroom? lays out new approaches for ensuring high-quality teacher preparation while offering a candid assessment of the obstacles that may impede the implementation of such new models.


Alternative Routes to Teaching

Mapping the New Landscape of Teacher Education
Edited by Pam Grossman and Susanna Loeb

Over the past 20 years, alternative certification for teachers has emerged as a major avenue of teacher preparation. The proliferation of new pathways has spurred heated debate over how best to recruit, prepare, and support qualified teachers.


Learning from the Experts

Teacher Leaders on Solving America’s Education Challenges
Edited by Celine Coggins, Heather G. Peske, and Kate McGovern

Learning from the Experts offers an intimate look at the ways education policies collide with everyday classroom practices and illustrates how thoughtful, solutions-oriented and results-driven teachers are reframing debates in education today.


New Teacher Mentoring

Hopes and Promise for Improving Teacher Effectiveness
Ellen Moir, Dara Barlin, Janet Gless, and Jan Miles

In this practical yet visionary book, Ellen Moir and her colleagues at the New Teacher Center review what current research suggests (and doesn’t) about the power of welldesigned mentoring programs to shape teacher and student outcomes.


Recruiting, Retaining, and Supporting Highly Qualified Teachers

No. 3 in the Harvard Education Letter Spotlight Series
Edited by Caroline Chauncey

This volume provides a tool kit for principals and administrators seeking to improve the quality of classroom teaching in an era of increasing accountability, as well as an overview of the historical and cultural factors that shape teaching as a profession.


The American Public School Teacher

Past, Present, and Future
Darrel Drury and Justin Baer, foreword by Judith Warren Little

2011 Notable Education Book, American School Board Journal

At its heart are the National Education Association’s “Status of the American Public School Teacher” surveys, which are conducted every five years and offer unprecedented insights into the professional lives and experiences of teachers nationwide. This volume analyzes and summarizes the survey’s findings, while also offering commentaries on the findings from leading figures in the worlds of education, business, politics, and research.