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Testing and Assessment


A Critical Examination of the Advanced Placement Program
Edited by Philip M. Sadler, Gerhard Sonnert, Robert H. Tai, and Kristin Klopfenstein

AP draws together the most recent and rigorous research on the strengths and weaknesses of the Advanced Placement program.


Collateral Damage

How High-Stakes Testing Corrupts America's Schools
Sharon L. Nichols and David C. Berliner, foreword by Nel Noddings

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Drawing on their extensive research, Nichols and Berliner document and categorize the ways that high-stakes testing threatens the purposes and ideals of the American education system.


Data Wise in Action

Stories of Schools Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning
Edited by Kathryn Parker Boudett and Jennifer L. Steele

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What does it look like when a school uses data wisely? Data Wise in Action, a new companion and sequel to our bestselling Data Wise, tells the stories of eight very different schools following the Data Wise process of using assessment results to improve teaching and learning.


Fewer, Clearer, Higher

How the Common Core State Standards Can Change Classroom Practice
Robert Rothman

In clear and concise language, veteran education writer Robert Rothman identifies nine instructional “shifts” encouraged by the new Common Core State Standards and provides examples of how teachers and school districts are overcoming challenges in implementation.


Formative Assessment in Practice

A Process of Inquiry and Action
Margaret Heritage, foreword by W. James Popham

Margaret Heritage presents a practical guide to formative assessment as a process of “inquiry and action” essential to twenty-first century learning.


Key Elements of Observing Practice

A Data Wise DVD and Facilitator’s Guide
Kathryn Parker Boudett, Elizabeth A. City, and Marcia K. Russell

Based on Data Wise and Data Wise in Action, Key Elements of Observing Practice offers insight into one of the most challenging steps in capturing data about school performance: observing and analyzing instructional practice.


New Frontiers in Formative Assessment

Edited by Pendred E. Noyce and Daniel T. Hickey, foreword by Lorrie A. Shepard

“Formative assessment is a powerful learning tool that is too seldom, too haphazardly, and too ineffectively used in the United States,” Pendred E. Noyce writes in the introduction to this volume. “The purpose of this book is to delve into why this is so and how it can be changed.”


Something in Common

The Common Core Standards and the Next Chapter in American Education
Robert Rothman, foreword by Governor James B. Hunt, Jr.

Something in Common is the first book to provide a detailed look at the groundbreaking Common Core State Standards and their potential to transform American education.


Spotlight on High-Stakes Testing

No. 1 in the Harvard Education Letter Spotlight Series
From the Editors of the Harvard Education Letter

This inaugural volume of our Spotlight Series features recent Harvard Education Letter articles on testing and new reports never before published on this important topic


Unlearned Lessons

Six Stumbling Blocks to Our Schools’ Success
By W. James Popham

2010 Notable Education Book, American School Board Journal

“Why is it,” writes noted assessment expert W. James Popham, “that today’s educators seem almost compelled to replicate their predecessors’ blunders?” Looking back over a career of more than fifty years in education, Popham identifies six key “unlearned lessons” in education and reflects on their impact on schools, teachers, and students.