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Excellence Gaps in Education

Expanding Opportunities for Talented Students
Jonathan A. Plucker and Scott J. Peters

2017 Texas Association for Gifted and Talented Legacy Scholar Book Award
2017 National Association of Gifted Children Scholar Book of the Year Award

In Excellence Gaps in Education, Jonathan A. Plucker and Scott J. Peters shine a spotlight on “excellence gaps”—the achievement gaps among subgroups of students performing at the highest levels of achievement. Much of the focus of recent education reform has been on closing gaps in achievement between students from different racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic backgrounds by bringing all students up to minimum levels of proficiency. Yet issues related to excellence gaps have been largely absent from discussions about how to improve our schools and communities. Plucker and Peters argue that these significant gaps reflect the existence of a persistent talent underclass in the United States among African American, Hispanic, Native American, and poor students, resulting in an incalculable loss of potential among our fastest growing populations. 


Facing Racism in Education

Third Edition
Edited by Sonya L. Anderson, Polly F. Attwood, and Lionel C. Howard

At a time when many in public life and public education are inclined to argue that racial issues and problems belong to a bygone era, this third edition of Facing Racism in Education makes clear the need for continued attention to and open discussion of race and education.


Failing Our Brightest Kids

The Global Challenge of Educating High-Ability Students
Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Brandon L. Wright

2016 Outstanding Academic Title, Choice

In this provocative volume, Chester E. Finn, Jr., and Brandon L. Wright argue that, for decades, the United States has done too little to focus on educating students to achieve at high levels. The authors identify two core problems: First, compared to other countries, the United States does not produce enough high achievers. Second, students from disadvantaged backgrounds are severely underrepresented among those high achievers. The authors describe educating students to high levels of achievement as an issue of both equity and human capital: talented students deserve appropriate resources and attention, and the nation needs to develop these students’ abilities to remain competitive in the international arena.


Feeling Safe in School

Bullying and Violence Prevention Around the World
Edited by Jonathan Cohen and Dorothy L. Espelage

Jonathan Cohen and Dorothy L. Espelage, two leading authorities in the fields of school climate and prevention science, have gathered experts from around the globe to highlight policy and practice recommendations for supporting children and adolescents to feel and be safe in school.


Fewer, Clearer, Higher

How the Common Core State Standards Can Change Classroom Practice
Robert Rothman

In clear and concise language, veteran education writer Robert Rothman identifies nine instructional “shifts” encouraged by the new Common Core State Standards and provides examples of how teachers and school districts are overcoming challenges in implementation.


Financing American Higher Education in the Era of Globalization

William Zumeta, David W. Breneman, Patrick M. Callan, and Joni E. Finney, foreword by Governor James B. Hunt, Jr.

This ambitious book grows out of the realization that a convergence of economic, demographic, and political forces in the early twenty-first century requires a fundamental reexamination of the financing of American higher education.


Formative Assessment in Practice

A Process of Inquiry and Action
Margaret Heritage, foreword by W. James Popham

Margaret Heritage presents a practical guide to formative assessment as a process of “inquiry and action” essential to twenty-first century learning.


Formative Assessment in the Disciplines

Framing a Continuum of Professional Learning
Margaret Heritage and E. Caroline Wylie

In Formative Assessment in the Disciplines, Margaret Heritage and E. Caroline Wylie explore the interconnection of ambitious teaching, formative assessment, and disciplinary knowledge. The authors outline a framework to help teachers develop and extend their proficiency in enacting discipline-based formative assessment practices across the continuum of preservice and professional learning.


From Data to Action

A Community Approach to Improving Youth Outcomes
Edited by Milbrey McLaughlin and Rebecca A. London, foreword by Thomas W. Payzant

This book is a welcome guide for educators, civic leaders, and researchers looking for ways to leverage data to identify the most effective policies, interventions, and use of resources for their communities.


From the Courtroom to the Classroom

The Shifting Landscape of School Desegregation
Edited by Claire E. Smrekar and Ellen B. Goldring, foreword by Ronald F. Ferguson

From the Courtroom to the Classroom examines recent developments pertaining to school desegregation
in the United States.