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Justice on Both Sides

Transforming Education Through Restorative Justice
Maisha T. Winn

Restorative justice represents “a paradigm shift in the way Americans conceptualize and administer punishment,” says author Maisha T. Winn, from a focus on crime to a focus on harm, including the needs of both those who were harmed and those who caused it. Her book, Justice on Both Sides, provides an urgently needed, comprehensive account of the value of restorative justice and how contemporary schools can implement effective practices to address inequalities associated with race, class, and gender.


Key Elements of Observing Practice

A Data Wise DVD and Facilitator’s Guide
Kathryn Parker Boudett, Elizabeth A. City, and Marcia K. Russell

Based on Data Wise and Data Wise in Action, Key Elements of Observing Practice offers insight into one of the most challenging steps in capturing data about school performance: observing and analyzing instructional practice.


Language Issues in Literacy and Bilingual/Multicultural Education

Edited by Masahiko Minami and Bruce P. Kennedy

Harvard Educational Review
Reprint Series No. 22


Leading for Equity

The Pursuit of Excellence in Montgomery County Public Schools
Stacey M. Childress, Denis P. Doyle, and David A. Thomas, foreword by David Gergen

Leading for Equity tells the compelling story of the Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools and its transformation—in less than a decade—into a system committed to breaking the links between race and class and academic achievement.


Leading Instructional Rounds in Education

A Facilitator’s Guide
Thomas Fowler-Finn, foreword by Lee Teitel

Instructional rounds is a powerful form of professional learning aimed at helping schools and systems develop the capacity to educate all children to high levels. In this practical book, Thomas Fowler-Finn, an experienced consultant who has worked closely with the Harvard team that pioneered instructional rounds, discusses how facilitators can skillfully guide a network of educators through the rounds process.


Leading Personalized and Digital Learning

A Framework for Implementing School Change
Mary Ann Wolf, Elizabeth Bobst, and Nancy Mangum

Leading Personalized and Digital Learning provides needed guidance for principals, aspiring principals, and other school leaders at a critical time when educators are looking to put the power of technology to work for student-centered learning. The authors identify eight leadership essentials that school leaders must attend to if they are to lead an effective and sustainable transition to a new way of teaching and learning. They also offer resources and wisdom gleaned from years in the field. 


learning as a political act

struggles for learning and learning from struggles
Edited by José A. Segarra and Ricardo Dobles

In this remarkable collection of educational journeys toward learning and liberation, students, scholars, and activists bring to life the ideas and histories of groups that have been silenced in mainstream educational arenas.


Learning for Careers

The Pathways to Prosperity Network
Nancy Hoffman and Robert B. Schwartz, Foreword by Anthony P. Carnevale

Learning for Careers provides a comprehensive account of the Pathways to Prosperity Network, a national initiative focused on helping more young people successfully complete high school, attain a first postsecondary credential with value in the labor market, and get started on a career without foreclosing the opportunity for further education. It takes as its starting point the influential 2011 Pathways to Prosperity report, which challenged the prevailing idea that the core mission of high schools was to prepare all students for college. In response, the Pathways Network was founded in 2012 to promote cooperative arrangements between educational and business institutions in order to fashion pathways for young people to acquire twenty-first-century skills and achieve professional success.


Learning from L.A.

Institutional Change in American Public Education
Charles Taylor Kerchner, David J. Menefee-Libey, Laura Steen Mulfinger, and Stephanie E. Clayton

2010 Outstanding Academic Title, Choice
2010 "Districts in Research and Reform" Publication Award, American Educational Research Association

Drawing on a four-year study of the last 40 years of education reform in Los Angeles, Learning from L.A. captures the sweeping change in American education. It puts forth a provocative argument: while school reformers and education historians have tended to focus on the success or failure of individual initiatives, they have overlooked the fact that, over the past several decades, the institution of public education itself has been transformed.


Learning from the Experts

Teacher Leaders on Solving America’s Education Challenges
Edited by Celine Coggins, Heather G. Peske, and Kate McGovern

Learning from the Experts offers an intimate look at the ways education policies collide with everyday classroom practices and illustrates how thoughtful, solutions-oriented and results-driven teachers are reframing debates in education today.