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Smarter Budgets, Smarter Schools

How to Survive and Thrive in Tight Times
Nathan Levenson

Armed with real-world examples and out-of-the-box ideas, Nathan Levenson challenges conventional thinking about school budgeting and offers practical, actionable advice for school superintendents, central office leaders, building principals, and school board members.


So Much Reform, So Little Change

The Persistence of Failure in Urban Schools
By Charles M. Payne

This frank and courageous book explores the persistence of failure in today’s urban schools. At its heart is the argument that most education policy discussions are disconnected from the daily realities of urban schools, especially those in poor and beleaguered neighborhoods.


Social Justice Art

A Framework for Activist Art Pedagogy
Marit Dewhurst

In this lively and groundbreaking book, arts educator Marit Dewhurst examines why art is an effective way to engage students in thinking about the role they might play in addressing social injustice.


Social Network Theory and Educational Change

Edited by Alan J. Daly, foreword by Judith Warren Little

Social Network Theory and Educational Change offers a provocative and fascinating exploration of how social networks in schools can impede or facilitate the work of education reform.


Something in Common

The Common Core Standards and the Next Chapter in American Education
Robert Rothman, foreword by Governor James B. Hunt, Jr.

Something in Common is the first book to provide a detailed look at the groundbreaking Common Core State Standards and their potential to transform American education.


Special Education at the Century's End

Evolution of Theory and Practice Since 1970
Edited by Thomas Hehir and Thomas Latus

Special Education at the Century's End is one of the most comprehensive examinations of special education to date.


Special Education for a New Century

Edited by Lauren I. Katzman, Allison Gruner Gandhi, Wendy S. Harbour, and J.D. LaRock

Special Education for a New Century pays particularly close attention to how inclusive education practices can best be promoted in the era of standards-based accountability.


Spotlight on High-Stakes Testing

No. 1 in the Harvard Education Letter Spotlight Series
From the Editors of the Harvard Education Letter

This inaugural volume of our Spotlight Series features recent Harvard Education Letter articles on testing and new reports never before published on this important topic


Spotlight on Leadership and School Change

No. 4 in the Harvard Education Letter Spotlight Series
Edited by Nancy Walser and Caroline Chauncey

Scratch the surface of a successful school and you will find a web of interactions that is the root of its success. Who is it that envisions, inspires, cajoles, and rallies all the various players in and around a school toward any improvement goal? Often it’s a superintendent, a principal, a professor, a special teacher, or a parent. In a word, it’s a leader. This latest volume in the Harvard Education Letter Spotlight Series brings together 20 recent articles that highlight the ways leadership has made a difference in schools.


Spotlight on Student Engagement, Motivation, and Achievement

No. 5 in the Harvard Education Letter Spotlight Series
Edited by Caroline T. Chauncey and Nancy Walser

Only when students feel engaged both socially and academically can schools and teachers lay the groundwork to motivate achievement. This volume, the fifth in the Harvard Education Letter Spotlight series, brings together fifteen seminal articles that examine research and practice on these complex and interrelated issues.