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Higher Education Policy

Race and Higher Education

Rethinking Pedagogy in Diverse College Classrooms
Edited by Annie Howell and Frank Tuitt

The contributors to Race and Higher Education guide educators toward an understanding of how changes in the student population call for new approaches to classroom instruction, and address the need for new pedagogical practices in increasingly diverse college classrooms.


Race on Campus

Debunking Myths with Data
Julie J. Park

2020 Critics' Choice Book Award, American Educational Studies Association (AESA)

In Race on Campus, Julie J. Park argues that there are surprisingly pervasive and stubborn myths about diversity on college and university campuses, and that these myths obscure the notable significance and admirable effects that diversity has had on campus life.


Race, Sports, and Education

Improving Opportunities and Outcomes for Black Male College Athletes
John N. Singer

Race, Sports, and Education highlights the myriad ways in which organized collegiate sport has both positively contributed to and negatively detracted from the educational experiences of Black male college athletes. Specifically, John N. Singer examines the educational experiences, opportunities, and outcomes of Black males who have played NCAA Division I football and/or basketball at historically White colleges and universities.


Reinventing Financial Aid

Charting a New Course to College Affordability
Edited by Andrew P. Kelly and Sara Goldrick-Rab, Foreword by Martha J. Kanter

In this provocative volume, two experts with very different points of view address the growing concern that student loan programs are not a sustainable solution to the problem of mounting college costs. They argue that the time has come to reform the financial aid system so that it is more effective in promoting college affordability, access, and completion.


Reinventing Higher Education

The Promise of Innovation
Edited by Ben Wildavsky, Andrew P. Kelly, and Kevin Carey

The inspiration for this timely book is the pressing need for fresh ideas and innovations in U.S. higher education. At the heart of the volume is the realization that higher education must evolve in fundamental ways if it is to respond to changing professional, economic, and technological circumstances, and if it is to successfully reach and prepare a vast population of students—traditional and nontraditional alike—for success in the coming decades.



The Promise and Challenge of Transforming a Community College System
Cheryl L. Hyman, Foreword by Davis Jenkins

Reinvention chronicles an unprecedentedly comprehensive approach to community college reform and the leadership challenges encountered along the way. The book addresses cultural clashes over the role and purpose of community colleges and argues for an emphasis on success and access.


Stretching the Higher Education Dollar

How Innovation Can Improve Access, Equity, and Affordability
Edited by Andrew P. Kelly and Kevin Carey

In this provocative volume, higher education experts explore innovative ways that colleges and universities can unbundle the various elements of the college experience while assessing costs and benefits and realizing savings.


The Chicana/o/x Dream

Hope, Resistance, and Educational Success
Gilberto Q. Conchas and Nancy Acevedo

2021 Senior Scholar Book of the Year, American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE)

Based on interview data, life testimonios, and Chicana feminist theories, The Chicana/o/x Dream profiles first-generation, Mexican-descent college students who have overcome adversity by utilizing various forms of cultural capital to power their academic success.


The Convergence of K–12 and Higher Education

Policies and Programs in a Changing Era
Edited by Christopher P. Loss and Patrick J. McGuinn

In The Convergence of K–12 and Higher Education, two leading scholars of education policy bring together a distinguished and varied array of contributors to systematically examine the growing convergence between the K–12 and higher education sectors in the United States. Though the two sectors have traditionally been treated as distinct and separate, the editors show that the past decade has seen an increasing emphasis on the alignment between the two. At the same time, the national focus on outcomes and accountability, originating in the K–12 sector, is exerting growing pressure on higher education, while trends toward privatization and diversification—long characteristic of the postsecondary sector—are influencing public schools.


The Future of University Credentials

New Developments at the Intersection of Higher Education and Hiring
Sean R. Gallagher, Foreword by Diana G. Oblinger

2017 Phillip E. Frandson Award for Literature in the Field of Professional, Continuing, and/or Online Education, University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)

The Future of University Credentials offers a thorough and urgently needed overview of the burgeoning world of university degrees and credentials. At a time of heightened attention to how universities and colleges are preparing young people for the working world, questions about the meaning and value of university credentials have become especially prominent. Sean Gallagher guides us through this fast-changing terrain, providing much-needed context, details, and insights.