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Education Policy

From the Ivory Tower to the Schoolhouse

How Scholarship Becomes Common Knowledge in Education
Jack Schneider, Foreword by Larry Cuban

Why do so many promising ideas generated by education research fail to penetrate the world of classroom practice?

In From the Ivory Tower to the Schoolhouse, education historian Jack Schneider seeks to answer this familiar and vexing question by turning it on its head. He looks at four well-known ideas that emerged from the world of scholarship—Bloom’s Taxonomy, multiple intelligences, the project method, and direct instruction—and asks what we can learn from their success in influencing teachers.


Improving the Odds for America's Children

Future Directions in Policy and Practice
Edited by Kathleen McCartney, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, and Laurie B. Forcier; Foreword by Congressman George Miller; Afterword by Marian Wright Edelman, founder and president, Children’s Defense Fund

This landmark volume commemorates the fortieth anniversary of the Children’s Defense Fund, which has been an uncompromising champion of American youth for all of those years. Yet the book looks not to the past but at our current circumstances— and at the challenges we must meet now and in the future on behalf of our young people. The book examines critical issues—prenatal and infant health and development, early child care and education, school reform, the achievement gap, vulnerable children, juvenile justice, and child poverty—and highlights crucial practical and policy measures we need to consider and undertake if we are to better serve American children.


Opportunity for All

A Framework for Quality and Equality in Education
Jennifer A. O’Day and Marshall S. Smith

Drawing on decades of research, policy, and practice, Jennifer A. O’Day and Marshall S. Smith show how strategies for pursuing educational quality and equal outcomes for all students can be linked, presenting an ambitious idea of the future of American education and a comprehensive theory of change for enacting that vision.


Outside Money in School Board Elections

The Nationalization of Education Politics
Jeffrey R. Henig, Rebecca Jacobsen, and Sarah Reckhow

2020 Dennis Judd Best Book Award, American Political Science Association

Outside Money in School Board Elections documents and analyzes the injection of external funding into local elections. Local school board contests have recently become flashpoints of national donor interest. Some observers see this engagement as a needed boost for complacent school districts while others view it as a threat to local democracy.


Preparing Teachers to Educate Whole Students

An International Comparative Study
Edited by Fernando M. Reimers and Connie K. Chung

Preparing Teachers to Educate Whole Students offers a wide-ranging comparative account of how innovative professional development programs in a number of countries guide and support teachers in their efforts to promote cognitive and socio-emotional growth in their students. The book focuses on holistic educational outcomes in an effort to better serve students in the twenty-first century and examines seven programs in all—in Chile, China, Colombia, India, Mexico, the United States, and Singapore.


Rethinking Readiness

Deeper Learning for College, Work, and Life
Edited by Rafael Heller, Rebecca E. Wolfe, and Adria Steinberg

Rethinking Readiness offers a new set of competencies to replace the narrow learning goals of No Child Left Behind and, in chapters written by some of the nation’s most well-respected education scholars, explores their implications for schools. 


Rethinking Recess

Creating Safe and Inclusive Playtime for All Children in School
Rebecca A. London

In Rethinking Recess, sociologist Rebecca A. London argues that recess has been overlooked as an essential part of the elementary school experience, with major implications for how well schools serve all students equitably and responsively. Given its potential to support students’ social and emotional learning and physical activity, London says, recess should be designed intentionally, with attention to safety, health, and engagement.


School Finance and Education Equity

Lessons from Kansas
Bruce D. Baker

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This inspiring account of bipartisan political success delivers an expert breakdown of how and why Kansas—a politically conservative state—was able to craft a stable, balanced, and equitable system of funding for its public schools. Beyond a chronicle of one state’s achievements, School Finance and Education Equity provides invaluable policy guidance and lays out a blueprint that other states can use to strengthen their own public education systems.
Available September 2021


Schools Under Siege

The Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Educational Equity
Edited by Patricia Gándara and Jongyeon Ee

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Using original qualitative and quantitative data, Schools Under Siege confronts the many ways, direct and indirect, in which US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policies and practices disrupt education. The book explores the impact of these policies not only on the six-million-plus K–12 students in the US at risk for being directly affected by enforcement, but also the wide-ranging consequences for their classmates, educators, and communities.
Available August 2021


Something in Common

The Common Core Standards and the Next Chapter in American Education
Robert Rothman, foreword by Governor James B. Hunt, Jr.

Something in Common is the first book to provide a detailed look at the groundbreaking Common Core State Standards and their potential to transform American education.