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Adolescents at School, Second Edition

Perspectives on Youth, Identity, and Education
Edited by Michael Sadowski, foreword by Deborah Meier

As any teacher or parent knows, adolescence is a time when youth grapple with the question, “Who am I?” Issues of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, and ability can complicate this question for young people, affecting their schoolwork and their relationships with teachers, family, and peers.


Adolescents at School, Third Edition

Perspectives on Youth, Identity, and Education
Edited by Michael Sadowski

Adolescents at School brings together the perspectives of scholars, educators, and researchers to address the many issues that affect adolescents’ emerging identities, especially in relation to students’ experience of and engagement with school. The book offers current and preservice teachers a practical understanding of the concept of identity development, particularly as impacted by such factors as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability/disability, immigration, and social class.


Afterschool Education

Approaches to an Emerging Field
By Gil G. Noam, Gina Biancarosa, and Nadine Dechausay

The authors survey the current afterschool landscape and bring to light important issues and practices within the field, explore the challenges and opportunities facing afterschool education programs, and point to future directions for these burgeoning educational ventures.


Against the Odds

Insights from One District's Small School Reform
Larry Cuban, Gary Lichtenstein, Arthur Evenchik, Martin Tombari, and Kristen Pozzoboni

Against the Odds offers an in-depth look at the Mapleton, Colorado, school district’s transformation of two traditional high schools into seven small schools, each enrolling fewer than four hundred students.


Alternative Routes to Teaching

Mapping the New Landscape of Teacher Education
Edited by Pam Grossman and Susanna Loeb

Over the past 20 years, alternative certification for teachers has emerged as a major avenue of teacher preparation. The proliferation of new pathways has spurred heated debate over how best to recruit, prepare, and support qualified teachers.


Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Educational Opportunities and Outcomes for Black and Brown Boys
Adriana Villavicencio, Foreword by David E. Kirkland

Am I My Brother’s Keeper? offers powerful insights into the challenges of implementing large-scale educational change. The book, chronicling the Expanded Success Initiative (ESI), a four-year study focused on improving the educational outcomes of fifteen thousand Black and Latinx males in New York City public high schools, covers what worked, what didn’t, and what we can learn from the experience.
Available May 2021


Ambitious Science Teaching

Mark Windschitl, Jessica Thompson, and Melissa Braaten

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2018 Outstanding Academic Title, Choice

Ambitious Science Teaching outlines a powerful framework for science teaching to ensure that instruction is rigorous and equitable for students from all backgrounds. The practices presented in the book are being used in schools and districts that seek to improve science teaching at scale, and a wide range of science subjects and grade levels are represented.


Anytime, Anywhere

Student-Centered Learning for Schools and Teachers
Edited by Rebecca E. Wolfe, Adria Steinberg, and Nancy Hoffman

Anytime, Anywhere synthesizes existing research and practices in the emerging field of student-centered learning, and includes profiles of schools that have embraced this approach.



A Critical Examination of the Advanced Placement Program
Edited by Philip M. Sadler, Gerhard Sonnert, Robert H. Tai, and Kristin Klopfenstein

AP draws together the most recent and rigorous research on the strengths and weaknesses of the Advanced Placement program.


Applied Research for Sustainable Change

A Guide for Education Leaders
Sharon M. Ravitch and Nicole Mittenfelner Carl

In Applied Research for Sustainable Change, Sharon M. Ravitch and Nicole Mittenfelner Carl draw on twenty years of teaching and research to offer an incisive guide to practitioner-led qualitative research. They make the case for “local knowledge generation”—inquiry-based, school-level research that can contextualize quantitative data, enrich insight, and guide leaders in making more effective decisions leading to sustainable organizational change.