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Tilting at Windmills

School Reform, San Diego, and America’s Race to Renew Public Education
Richard Lee Colvin

A book that draws equally on Richard Lee Colvin’s deep acquaintance with contemporary education reform and the unique circumstances of the San Diego experience, Tilting at Windmills is a penetrating and invaluable account of Alan Bersin’s contentious superintendency.


Toward Anti-Oppressive Teaching

Designing and Using Simulated Encounters
Elizabeth A. Self and Barbara S. Stengel

Toward Anti-Oppressive Teaching introduces an innovative approach for using live-actor simulations to prepare preservice teachers for diverse classroom settings. Based on the SHIFT Project at Vanderbilt University, the book highlights the promise of these encounters to empower preservice teachers to become more culturally responsive.
Available December 2020


Toward Excellence with Equity

An Emerging Vision for Closing the Achievement Gap
Ronald F. Ferguson

For the past 15 years, economist Ronald Ferguson has investigated the myriad factors that combine to create racial disparities in academic performance. This volume brings together Ferguson’s most important papers and most recent thinking on these issues. In language accessible and useful to education practitioners, Ferguson sets forth a wide-ranging and compelling vision for closing the achievement gap.


Transformational Learning in Community Colleges

Charting a Course for Academic and Personal Success
Chad D. Hoggan and Bill Browning, Foreword by Robert G. Templin, Jr.

Transformational Learning in Community Colleges details the profound social and emotional change that nontraditional and historically underserved students undergo when they enter community college. Drawing on case study material and student observations, the book outlines the systematic supports that two-year institutions must put in place to help students achieve their educational and professional goals.


Transformative Teachers

Teacher Leadership and Learning in a Connected World
Kira J. Baker-Doyle, Foreword by Katherine Schultz

Transformative Teachers offers an insightful look at the growing movement of civic-minded educators who are using twenty-first-century participatory practices and connected technologies to organize change from the ground up. Kira J. Baker-Doyle highlights the collaborative, grassroots tactics that activist teachers are implementing to transform their profession and pursue greater social justice and equity in education.


Transforming Public Education

Cases in Education Entrepreneurship, Instructor's Guide
Stacey M. Childress

This instructor's guide is intended for use with Transforming Public Education: Cases in Education Entrepreneurship. This volume includes a teaching note for each case in the student edition; the note provides basic guidance in how to initiate and organize the flow of the case discussion as well as how the case links to others before and after it.


Transforming Public Education

Cases in Education Entrepreneurship
Edited by Stacey M. Childress

Transforming Public Education features nineteen cases that profile entrepreneurs who are pursuing opportunities to create pattern-breaking social change in our public schools.


Transforming Schools with Technology

How Smart Use of Digital Tools Helps Achieve Six Key Education Goals
Andrew A. Zucker

In this timely and thoughtful book, Andrew Zucker argues that technology can and will play a central role in efforts to achieve crucial education goals, and that it will be an essential component of further improvement and transformation of schools.


Transforming Teacher Education

Reflections from the Field
Edited by David Carroll, Helen Featherstone, Joseph Featherstone, Sharon Feiman-Nemser, and Dirck Roosevelt

At a time when traditional teacher education is coming under fire, Transforming Teacher Education presents a powerful vision of what teacher education could and should be.


Transgender Students in Elementary School

Creating an Affirming and Inclusive School Culture
Melinda M. Mangin, Foreword by Gavin Grimm

Transgender Students in Elementary School offers guidance to educators who want to provide a supportive school culture and climate for transgender and gender-expansive students. The book provides recommendations for creating learning environments that facilitate all students’ sense of belonging and reduce the constraints inherent in binary gender norms.
Available October 2020