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Chasing Success and Confronting Failure in American Public Schools

Larry Cuban

Eminent historian and educator Larry Cuban provides a thorough examination of, and challenge to, past and present definitions of what constitutes educational success in the US. Cuban argues that in the history of American education, standards of achievement and inadequacy—as well as the reform efforts issuing from them—have been neither stable nor consistent. Nor are these standards untainted by political considerations. Rather, schools thrive or decline based on a variety of factors, including social and political dynamics, leadership in school districts and communities, and policy improvisations.


Children at the Center

Transforming Early Childhood Education in the Boston Public Schools
Betty Bardige, Megina Baker, Ben Mardell

Children at the Center provides a closely observed account of a decade-long effort to reshape the scope, direction, and quality of the Boston Public Schools’ early childhood programs. Drawing on multiple perspectives and voices from the field, the authors highlight the reflective, collaborative, inquiry-driven approach undertaken by the program and share lessons learned.


Chilling Admissions

The Affirmative Action Crisis and the Search for Alternatives
Edited by Gary Orfield and Edward Miller

The essays in this volume represent the work of the leading scholars of affirmative action in higher education, and place the current crisis on campus in its larger context of historical discrimination and the legal battle for educational equity.


Choices and Challenges

Charter School Performance in Perspective
Priscilla Wohlstetter, Joanna Smith, and Caitlin C. Farrell, foreword by Michael W. Kirst

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As charter schools enter their third decade, research in this key sector remains overwhelmingly contradictory and confused. Many studies are narrowly focused; some do not meet the standards for high-quality academic research. In this definitive work, Wohlstetter and her colleagues isolate and distill the high-quality research on charter schools to identify the contextual and operational factors that influence these schools’ performances.


City Schools

How Districts and Communities Can Create Smart Education Systems
Edited by Robert Rothman

In City Schools, Robert Rothman and his colleagues at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University put forward a vision of “smart education systems” that link a highly functioning and effective school district with a comprehensive and accessible web of supports for children, youth, and families.


Class Acts

Teachers Reflect on Their Own Classroom Practice
Edited by Irene Hall, Carolyn H. Campbell, and Edward J. Miech

In this remarkable collection of articles, teachers reflect on the complex worlds of their classrooms to gain a better understanding of their students, themselves, and the act of teaching.


Collaborative Action for Equity and Opportunity

A Practical Guide for School and Community Leaders
Paul Reville and Lynne Sacks

Collaborative Action for Equity and Opportunity provides a how-to guide for education, government, and community leaders interested in creating cross-sector systems of support for students. These collaborations strive to close achievement and opportunity gaps and to help children overcome problems stemming from poverty, racism, and other societal ills.
Available April 2021


Collaborative School Improvement

Eight Practices for District-School Partnerships to Transform Teaching and Learning
Trent E. Kaufman, Emily Dolci Grimm, and Allison E. Miller, foreword by Kathryn Parker Boudett

How can districts bring instructional improvement to scale within and across schools?

The authors of Collaborative School Improvement argue that districts can play a powerful part in helping schools build the capacity to engage in inquiry-based reform—but that this effort requires a shift in districts’ traditional role as a professional development provider.


Collateral Damage

How High-Stakes Testing Corrupts America's Schools
Sharon L. Nichols and David C. Berliner, foreword by Nel Noddings

Drawing on their extensive research, Nichols and Berliner document and categorize the ways that high-stakes testing threatens the purposes and ideals of the American education system.


Collective Bargaining in Education

Negotiating Change in Today's Schools
Edited by Jane Hannaway and Andrew J. Rotherham

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This timely and comprehensive volume will spur and strengthen public debate over the role of teachers unions in education reform for years to come.